The advantages of working with a Virtual Assistant


Do the mundane tasks of running an online business are quickly getting in the way of accomplishing your goals that you have set for yourself to achieve?

If you are a small business owner and your business is starting to grow, more likely so does your tasks. Most entrepreneurs go through a phase where scaling the business gets challenging because there’s simply so much to do.

This entails clerical work or a variety of office and administrative support duties. For online entrepreneurs, this may also include marketing, search engine optimization, writing, or content creation.

As an administrative Virtual Assistant (VA) for more almost four years, I’ve seen clients struggle balancing delivery of services, marketing, and sales. The pressure of providing the best business coaching service, a phenomenal

The pressure of providing the best business coaching service, a phenomenal e-book, or a top-rated podcast while making sure that the nuts and bolts of business operations are checked is so much for others to chew that they get overworked and burned out.

If you’re experiencing this right now, you’re not alone. This is a temporary setback that most goal-driven entrepreneurs feel that can be solved by delegating tasks to a VA. Here, I outlined some of the most important advantages of having a Virtual Assistant in your team.

1. Reduced workload

Let’s face it – no entrepreneur is a Superman!
It’s impossible to work on all tasks by yourself. You need extra support to work on the things that are delegatable. When trying to grow your business, a VA can free up your time so you can focus on the tasks that you only can do that can yield higher impact, whether that’s building your brand or closing sales.
Here are some of the tasks that you can outsource to a VA:
  • Web Research
  • Data Entry
  • Email Management
  • Online Marketing
  • Scheduling
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Development & Designing
  • Content Writing
  • Video/Audio Transcription
VAs are often multi-skilled and are hungry to learn new things. These make them more marketable to online based businesses so finding one that can perform related tasks and duties is relatively easy.
2. Reduced operational costs
Versus hiring a full-time employee, a VA will not occupy a desk in your office, nor require a computer to work from. By hiring a work-from-home VA, you are making a wise decision that will make your wallet happy.
You get to cut down operational expenditures like office space, taxes, maintenance costs, and additional taxes. Think of the money you can save that you can spend somewhere else (e.g. advertising, internet plan upgrade, etc.)
3. Scale your business faster
To serve more customers, it’s only natural to double-down on production. And in order to meet increased in volume in deliverables, most often than not, additional manpower is required.
Hiring one is an efficient way to increase your production with less risk. VAs are flexible in nature. You can set the term of the contract on an hourly, package or project basis.
4. Have more leisure time
Leisure is as important as working hard in entrepreneurship. Hustling 24/7 kills creativity and will surely make you unhappy.
By offloading yourself of mundane tasks, you get more time to spend with your friends and family or pursue a hobby. We all need sufficient time off and do other things that we love, and a Virtual Assistant can you help you with that.
My clients are more at ease to be on holiday because they have someone in the background to take care of their business. g
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